Experienced, solution-oriented and humbled

hands-on Technical and creative Web, SEO and martech Manager

Areas of Knowledge and Experience

Management & Ownership, Maintenance, Integrations and Development of several Websystems, Websites and Platforms
Research, Requirements and Implementation of new systems and technologies
Website Management on Superadmin level
Onboarding, Support & Guidance to employees, clients and stakeholders
Leading backlogs in eg. Web Development & SEO
Leading Technical Web, SEO and CMS Projects
Frontend & WordPress Development/Programming
Conversion and Content Optimization
SEO Audits, analysis and implementation of actions
Web Analytics, Reports & Data visualisation Dashboard

At least 5-10 years of experience

Current Job Status (2023/2024)

Since 2017 I have an employment at Swedens largest Cyber Security Company Truesec as a Head of Marketing Technology.

Here is some of my work highlights at Truesec

Highlight 1

WordPress Development and Project Lead – Internal Website

I have independently project managed and developed Truesec’s non-public internal website in WordPress CMS, conducted research on addons, and configured various integrations with among others Sharepoint. The system is currently used by all approx. 300 worldwide employees.

Highlight 2

Web Dev/ SEO Lead – New external website

I have been leading the development of the new external website, where my focus has been on the CMS, SEO, migration from old web, integrations (Eg. HubSpot), the technical structure/architecture and leading UA Testing and Backlogs with agencies.

Highlight 3

Web Environment Migration, Multisite Development , Management and Maintanance

I have independently (hands-on) migrated an old fully custom .NET web environment consisting of several Event websites, Blog, E-commerce, Registration websites to a more modern SAAS focused MarTech stack consisting of modern CMS, CMS Plugins, CRM/MA, Integrations and Workflow tools.
Also with focus on SEO and UX.

Highlight 4

Hubspot – Technical Lead

During international expansion I research and developed four local websites for each country. Used both the Hubspot CMS / Marketing and the Hubspot Ecosystem in general with the different “Hubs”. Configured the leads, assignees and customer journeys from external sources to Hubspot. I lead the project from scratch to launch with collaboration with stakeholders in each country.

A Selection of Systems & Tools

Below some highlights and a longer list of systems, tools and products I have worked with professionally as product owner, specialist and/or superadministrator in the last 3 employments.
Beyond that I have also evaluated and tested additional other systems and products.

WordPress CMS

CMS & WordPress

Started working with CMS platforms 15 years ago. I have since then worked professionally with many of them.
Eg. Episerver/Optimizely, Joomla, CraftCMS, Hubspot and WordPress CMS. I have followed how CMS evolved and worked with Ownership, System & Plugin management, Development, Onboarding and Guides for stakeholders and clients.



I have been involved in evaluation, testing and procurement of HubSpot. After that I worked as Superadmin and with Development and Support in various parts of the system. Focused on the Marketing Hub, CMS Hub, Operations Hub and Service Hub. I was also highly involved and responsible for parts of a big migration of the CRM from a US-based server to a server in the EU.



Many years of experience working with the different services in the Google Marketing Platform.
Google Analytics / Google Analytics 4 – Creating reports and analysis
Google Tag Manager – Creating and testing tags/variables, Google Search Console, Google Adword, Looker Studio (Formerly Data Studio) and PageSpeed Insights.

CMS / External Websites

WordPress CMS

Both Multisites and Single sites

Hubspot CMS

Episerver (Optimizley)


Headless setup

CRM, MA & Leads Management




Project Management



Vision Project



Event, Webinar & E-commerce


WebEx (Socio)


WooCommerce & Tickera (WP)



Internal Websites / Intranet Sites

WordPress CMS

Integrations to eg. Sharepoint/O365 and other platforms

Sharepoint Communications Site

Research, Building and Testing

SEO & Analytics



Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Matomo Analytics

Development, DNS & Hosting





Loopia, Oderland, GoDaddy





Graphics, UX & UI



Adobe Creative Suite





Microsoft 365

Let me know if you are interested learning more about me over a cup of coffee. IĀ“m open for new challenges workwise.

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