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Computers & Tech

I like spending time in front of my computer. Usually small organizing of digital assets in the family, maybe playing some computer game or testing and learning more about a new web techbnology or cool feature.


I enjoy many different sports, both watching and participating. For example ice hockey, floorball, padel, soccer and table tennis. I also regularly go to the gym to work out or watching my kids doing some sports activity.


I have a special interest in music. I have a couple of guitars at home that I play and I enjoy listening to live music.


My family have close friends in the US that we visit usually once a year and I like to travel in general to new places. Also like going to international conferences so I can combine some private time with learning and inspiration. I have for example been to large web/tech events like WordCampUS in St Louis and Nashville and some meetups in NYC.

Tomas Carlsson

Location: Stockholm (Täby) in Sweden

Let me know if you are interested learning more about me over a cup of coffee. I´m open for new challenges workwise.

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